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Hello and welcome to Sleep Mastery, I am really excited to have you join an enlightened group of health professionals aiming to help those your care for to achieve a better night of sleep.

As an early career Physiotherapist, I didn't think about sleep. My mistake. I focused on helping patients through advice, exercises and hands-on treatments. One day a patient told me how their neck pain started as soon as they turned their head in the morning. No load, slow movement and intense pain. My experience couldn't understand why and my skillset had nothing to offer. I was coming up short.

This started my journey into a research master's and then a PhD, in which I examined the relationships between sleep postures and waking spinal symptoms and quality of sleep. Along the way, I have been incorporating what I have learnt into my clinical practice. Trying different approaches, handouts, and techniques and over the years I have distilled this information into a sleep improvement program called Sleep Mastery. I have used this program to assist countless patients to achieve a good night's sleep.

Sleep Mastery gives you everything you need from critical education, assessment tools, clinical decision trees and evidence-based interventions, to ensure you succeed in implementing a sleep improvement program in your clinic.

I suggest you look through the Assessment section initially so you can consider how to incorporate baseline measures into your onboarding process and also understand the breadth of conditions you can address. Knowing your clients you can then look through the Education section to background your knowledge in the areas most relevant to your clients. If you are not sure, start at the start and ... Once you have absorbed the Education section, this will lead you directly to the types of interventions you will want to use from the Take Action section. That being said the CBTi and Calming chapters are common to most clinical presentations.

Please note. You have access to this course material for 16 weeks, which equates to approximately 1 hour per week.

In case you wish to review the material at a future date, I provide you with an 80% discount coupon at the end of the course.


Dr Doug Cary PhD.

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist Specialist

Sleep Mastery Creator

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  1. When listening to the videos, it is recommended that you use headphones or earbuds for optimal sound clarity.
  2. When finished and progressing from one module to the next, ensure you click the "Complete & Continue" at the top of the page. Do not use the left hand side menu, except for navigation between modules that you have already completed. All modules need to be "Completed" before you can print your certificate.

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