Masqueraders - 3 Cancer Case Studies

Actual case studies, clinical findings and background information for 3 common tumors presenting to a musculoskeletal private practice

Less than 5% of primary care physicians routinely examine for red flags during their initial screen (Bishop PB, Wing PC. Knowledge transfer in family physicians managing patients with acute low back pain: a prospective randomized control trial. Spine J. 2006;6:282–288)

This course details three clinical case studies that presented as primary musculoskeletal complaints initially but were later determined to be tumors. In each case study the eBook leads the reader from initial examination through to the point of resolution. Each case study details initial examination findings, manual therapy management, investigations and medical intervention plus reflective thinking at key points as each case study develops. Following each case study is detailed discussion section about the specific tumor highlighted, for background information and to enable greater understanding by primary contact practitioners.

Tumors under the microscope in this course include; pancoast, meningioma and osteosarcoma.

Course Presenter

Dr Doug Cary
Dr Doug Cary

Doug has been a clinician since 1987 and worked in a wide variety of private and hospital based environments, both in Australia and overseas. During this time he has been fortunate to work with many very experienced practitioners, absorbing the good and bad aspects, before setting up a private practice with his partner. He has been in private practice since 1989.

Along the way, he recognised the critical link between ongoing professional development and professional enjoyment. He completed a post graduate diploma in musculoskeletal physiotherapy, post graduate diploma in clinical acupuncture and specialisation in musculoskeletal physiotherapy. Doug recently completed his PhD at Curtin University.

To simultaneously assist others develop a career in education and facilitative access to professional development, Doug created AAP Education, which provides high quality PD to aspiring health professionals, that want to make a difference to their clients and ensure their professionally longevity.

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